Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Won't You Be My Neighbor?: The Writer's on the Block

Saturday, December 10, 2005

25 Days until Release of BOUND AND DETERMINED

A bit less BOUND AND DETERMINED today, but hey, the book’s written and finished. I got deadlines to meet for the next one. A writer’s life never slows down. Take a peek!

A Personal Note:
I thought weekends were supposed to be days of rest. If so, someone never sent the memo this way. Geez! While doing the preparation for this progressive dinner party I told you about yesterday, I was reminded why I prefer catering. This is a lot of work! Not only was I reminded by the work...but by my husband, who helped me out in that department--repeatedly. Yeah, okay. I got it Mr. Broken Record. You hate doing dishes. I tried to tell him that I was just giving him a chance to show off doing something he's good at. That didn't fly. Then I told him that watching him do dishes really...did something to me. The stare he sent me couldn't have sliced a tomato any better than a Ginsu. Hmmm. Guess flattery and suggestion aren't what they used to be.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
Once the party got underway, we had a great time. Nice to visit neighbors you just don't get to see frequently, given everyone's hectic lives. Uncomfortable moments here and again, though. My hubby, who is the treasurer for our homeowners association, has apparently told everyone what I write. So I got lots of questions, ranging from how I work and juggle my life, to verbal ponderings of the similarities between my work an porn. Oh, please. Gotta pen? I'll make you a list of the differences, sweetie. Gotta love living in the Bible belt...

Challenge Numero Uno: The Play by Play

6:30 am - In my home office chair and been through all my emails. I'm ready to write. Want to finish a particularly juicy scene. Nothing like sneaking in a little solo oral sex while the spouse is still asleep. On the page, people! I'm in decent shape, but not a contortionist or so inclined. Geez! But wait, I can't write this now. My child is in my office reading Disney Adventure Stories aloud, spelling me the longer words and asking, "Mom, what's this?" The cat is perched on my desk, furry butt parked in front of my monitor, wailing one meow after the other in-between pointless attempts to catch my cursor. I love my family, but everyone wants attention this morning. I thought getting up early would buy me time to write. I run off to find a Diet Coke and come up with Plan B.

7:15 am - Hubby is awake, so he rescues me from playing reading teacher and pet sitter. Normally, I don't mind at all, but since we have so much to do today, this will be my only time to write. I let him take the "kids" downstairs and sink back into Fictionland.

Tallies Are In:
9:00 am - CHALLENGE #1 RESULT: Oh, what a rush! Not only did I write the 5 pages I said I would, I wrote 8. I’ll put 3 in the bank toward tomorrow’s total. I'm really on a good track. Chapter 10 should be finished tomorrow or Monday, and I'm feeling good about it.

6:15 pm - CHALLENGE #3 RESULT: Guests arrive. Showtime! Actually turns out really nice, as the folks at our table turn out to be a hoot. We talk about kids, cats, travel abroad and great places to get recipes. Oh, and my books. Everyone thinks I must be really interesting and worldly. Wonder what gives them that impression? Anyway, Christmas music in the background, and it's a nice time. See pic of my dining room table.

10:45 pm - CHALLENGE #2 RESULT: Time to dig into daily post re: Publishing Survivor. I'm even more brain dead today at this time than yesterday. Gee, I hope this rambling makes any sense... But either way, I get it done.

Closin' Up Shop:
We're closing in on 11:15. I'm off to collapse. I'm so not a night owl... But the good news is, I successfully completed all phases of my Reward Challenge, so tomorrow, I’m hoping to squeeze in a manicure. I may even toss in a pedicure if I'm extra good.

Reward Challenge:
1) Write at least 2 pages (preferably 5) on current manuscript
2) Finish the laundry
3) But a Christmas gift for my grandmother and get it in the mail.

The Reward:
An evening with my TV so I can watch the Survivor finale. Go Steph!

Hit me back tomorrow to see if I'm parked infront of the TV or sitting in timeout...
Shelley Bradley


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